St. Epiphanius of Salamis

Epiphanius was the bishopof Constantia, Salamis, Cyprus; and was known as 'The Oracle of PalĀ­estine'. He was born in Besanduk, Palestine, in 315, and he became an expert in scriptural languages. He spent time as a monk and as a hermit. In 333, he was ordained and made the abbot of a monastery at Eleutheropolis. He became the bishopof Cyprus in 367, and was a foe of the Arians. After a series of disĀ­putes, Epiphanius concentrated on writing. He was an authority on Mary and taught the primacy of Peter among the Apostles. He is considered an outstanding Church defender.

Epiphanius died in 403. His Feast Day is May 12.

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