MODG Latin I and Latin II Syllabus Using First Year Latin (Latin I Essential)

This class uses Units 1-14 of First Year Latin by Robert J. Henle, S.J.  There are three plans for the use of First Year Latin (Latin 1).  In the first plan, all the exercises are completed, but the course takes two years. The first year is Latin 1-A (which would be a Latin I credit) covering Units 1-7, and the second year is Latin 1-B (which would be a Latin II credit) covering Units 8-14.  In the second plan, the course is completed in one year, but the student only does the essential exercises. This one-year plan is called Latin I Essential (and if the student completes the entire year would be two credits, both Latin I and Latin II).  In the third plan, the student finishes Latin 1-A (which would be a Latin I credit) and moves on to Second Year Latin by Robert J. Henle, S.J. (which would be a Latin III credit) the following year. You will notice that Fr. Henle, in his preface, acknowledges that it is the first twenty-six lessons that are absolutely necessary for an adequate first-year course.
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